Eugene Bend Knot

How to Tie the Eugene Bend Knot

About the Eugene Bend Knot

The Eugene Bend knot is one of the strongest hitch knots used for attaching terminal tackle. Rather than using a single line for wrapping around the standing line, it employs a double line as a loop is first formed before wraps are made. One distinctive feature of the knot is that it will often “pop”, either by feel or as an actual audible popping sound, when the knot is tied correctly and cinched down tight.

Eugene Bend Knot Strength

Here are the knot strength efficiency numbers for the Eugene Bend Knot as tested across the three major line types.

Mono Fluoro Braid Average
Efficiency 118.5% 97.6% 112.1% 109.4%

See the Fishing Knot Strength Chart for more data and details on the testing methodology.


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