Burke Knot

Also known as the Richard Burke Knot or Double Line Uni Knot.

How to Tie the Burke Knot

About the Burke Knot

The Burke Knot is one of the strongest knots around, but it is really a reinvention of the tried and true Uni Knot, already a favorite amongst anglers. If you know the Uni Knot then you already know the Burke Knot - it is simply the double line version of the same knot. Simply use a doubled line to tie the Uni Knot, and you’ll get the extra breaking strength efficiency of the Burke Knot.

Burke Knot Strength

Here are the knot strength efficiency numbers for the Burke Knot as tested across the three major line types.

Mono Fluoro Braid Average
Efficiency 128.8% 109.9% 133.0% 123.9%

See the Fishing Knot Strength Chart for more data and details on the testing methodology.


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